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Aburahi Shrine Yakkofuri    

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Yakkofuri is a form of traditional entertainment associated with Aburahi Shrine in Koka town, Koka City. It is one of the intangible cultural assets designated by Shiga Prefecture and it is celebrated at the festival of Aburahi Shrine every five years on May 10th. The area was ruled by the Kokabushi (Koka warriors) from the Muromachi through to the Sengoku periods. The main shrine in Koka played an important role in bonding for the Koka bushi. It is said that Yakkofuri originated from the shasan-gyoretsu (visiting parades). References to Yakkofuri can be found in texts dating back to A.D.978 in the middle of the Heian period. It is performed at the shrine during the Toudou Festival. The Toudou, who is chosen on each occasion, is the star of the festival and the Yakko attend to him. The Yakko are said to have been included in the parade in the middle of the Edo period. There are three Nagamochi yakko, four Hasamibako Yakko, two Keyari Yakko and two Osae.

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