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Myobu no mai    

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The Myobu no Mai is a kagura dance whose origins can be traced back to Tsushima, Nagasaki. It has characteristics recognizable as dating from the Middle Ages in Japan and it was designated as a national intangible cultural asset in 1996. Though the exact origin of the dance is uncertain, historical documents in the possession of old established families confirm that there were people performing the dance from up to six-hundred years ago. It is performed at Watatsumi Shrine, Toyotama every August 1st and at Kaijin Shrine, Mine, every August 5th, with these dates following the old calendar.
The role of Myobu is usually performed by a miko (shrine maiden) or a kagura dancer. Myobu used to be selected from around the island, but nowadays the dance is passed on to only three people at a time. One of the features of the dance is the offer of prayers to the gods together with a ten minute beating of a drum.

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