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In Buzen City, three Jinkousai (annual celebrations at shrines) are held from early to late spring every year.
The first, Ootomi Jinjya Jinkousai (the Ootomi Shrine Festival) is a parade of floats consisting of three mikoshis or portable shrines from Ootomi Shrine, a Kasaboko, a float with a decorated umbrella, and a further float following the parade. This parade is said to originate from the victory parade held to celebrate the suppression of the rebellion by Fujiwara no Hirotsugu in 740AD. Yamada no Kannougaku, a type of drum dance, is performed at the event and is particularly impressive.
The next festival is Unoshima Jinjya Shunki Jinkousai (Unoshima Shrine Spring Festival) also known as "Unoshima Gion". The origin of this festival is said to be an incident that occurred in 1825, when local fishermen towed into harbour a ship belonging to Ogasawara Daimyo, a lord of the area, who had been caught in a storm.
Finally, there is "Sudahachiman Jinjya Jinkousai (Sudahachiman Shrine Festival) which celebrates the enshrinement of the god Hachiman-sama at the shrine. One of the characteristics of this festival is "Buzengaku", a type of drum dance, performed at certain points during the parade.
Other local festivals of note include Hata no Dondoyaki, a festival celebrating fire, "Itsukushima Jinjya Momote Matsuri
(Itsukushima Shrine Momote Festival)", and "Kubotesan no Otauesai, (Mt Kubote Rice Planting Festival)".

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