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Nanto City , Toyama
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The Spring Festival of Fukuno Shinmeisha - Fukuno Yotaka Matsuri    

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The Yotaka Matsuri festival of Fukuno is performed at the annual spring festival of Fukuno Shinmeisha Shrine, located in Fukuno, Nanto City, in the form of large and small andon (paper lanterns) going round the streets of Fukuno. On the evenings of May 1 and 2, huge papier-mache andon produced by the seven towns - Ura-machi, Okura-machi, Kami-machi, Shin-machi, Tatsumi-cho, Nanatsuya, and Yoko-cho - visit Fukuno Shinmesha to pay homage in turn, and then go out to the streets of Fukuno, accompanied by the music of flutes, drums and songs. Late at night on May 2, the festival ends following a ceremony of conclusion called Shanshan which is performed by each town authority. This festival is a major event in Toyama Prefecture, where huge andon are taken to the streets of the town. It is also a valuable resource for the study of andon production, the size of the andon having gradually become gigantic since the latter part of the Edo period, as well as for the change in the style of the procession. It is also significant for its relationship with a ta-matsuri festival called Yotaka, which is widely seen in the Tonami district.

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