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Ashiyagama (a tea ceremony kettle made in Ashiya)    

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From the North and South Dynasty to the early Edo Periods, "Cha no Yugama" (a kettle for use in the tea ceremony) were produced in Ashiyazu (the present day town of Ashiya) of Chikuzen Province, located downstream along the Onga River. Eight out of the nine kettles designated as cultural assets of national importance are Ashiyagama, an indication of just how highly they are valued.
At Ashiyagama no Sato (Ashiyagama village), an Ashiya craftsman by the name of Ashiyaimoji has located his base at "Ashiyagama Fukko Kobo", a craft center dedicated to the reproduction of the Ashiya kettle, where he works to restore original Ashiyagama to their former glory.
To cast the kama (kettle), outer and inner moulds known as Nakago are produced, and the iron known as "wazuku" is melted in a furnace. The molten iron is then poured into the moulds. In this programme, various distinctive innovations of the Ashiyagama process can be observed.

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