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Nonaka no Shishimai (The Nonaka Lion Dance)    

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An exciting lion dance is performed annually on November 3rd in the town of Nakahe, close to Tanabe City. The dance can trace its origins back to the period of the north and south dynasties, when Prince Morinaga, also known as Oto no Miya, gathered his forces and performed to them his dance in the hope of raising their morale. There are several different performance types, including Ranjishi, Ukareshishi, Hanagakari, and Tsurugi no mai.
In each type, the movements of the lion make it clear enough to easily understand the meaning of the dance. In that regard, the lion dance of Nonaka is different from other dances of the type. According to performers, one of the main characteristics of this dance is the expression of a surge of excitement between more calm moments.

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