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The afterlife as seen in Kuyoegaku Commemoration of the deceased with Kuyoegaku (a painted portrait of the deceased) and iei (a photo of the deceased)    

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In central Iwate Prefecture, there was a practice from late Edo to early Showa in which a portrait of the deceased was presented to the temple after a funeral. This custom was called Kuyoegaku. Detail about the practice can be found in historical material dating from 1845 1930. These portraits show the afterlife of the deceased.Some examples decorated with colourful semi-3D carved pictures.
Western style portraits and photos served for the war dead,these methods became more commonplace,and it took place Kuyouegaku.
More recently Kuyoegaku have been moved out of temples and are gradually disappearing from view.
This video shows an image of a prosperous afterlife along with images of the society, customs and funerals from the days when Kuyoegaku were popular.

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