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Kurotsuchi Kagura (Kurotsuchi Kagura Dance)    

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Kurotsuchi Kagura is danced by the fourth, fifth and sixth graders at Shimizu elementary school in Daisen city. It is said that Kurotsuchi Kagura has 300 years of history, although the dance did stop for a period after 1945. It was restarted through the efforts of Shimizu elementary school in 1988. The citywide Donpan Matsuri (Donpan festival) is held every August 16th. At the festival, several forms of traditional entertainment are performed which have a long association with this area. Among them is Kurotsuchi Kagura.
The average age of those involved with the preservation of the dance may make it difficult for it to continue in the future. It is hoped that the performance of the dance at Shimizu elementary school will lead to the revitalization of the kagura tradition in this community.

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