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Tadano no Kuwagaramai Taueodori (The Kuwagaramai Rice Planting Dance of Tadano)    

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In Tadano, located in western Koriyama, a fun and interesting rice planting dance is performed. Although this dance festival was not held for a while during the Pacific War, it made a comeback in 1965. It has a long history and its popularity reached a peak during the Bunka and Bunsei eras of the Edo Period. The dance was designated a significant cultural asset of the city in 1984.
It consists of the kuwagaramai and rice planting dance in the first half and a torisashi (a short sketch) and rice planting dance in the second half. A combination of dance, music and the sketches make for enjoyable entertainment. In the performance, there is the tanushi-sama (the landlord), the kuwagashira zensaku (a tenant farmer), a saotome (a planting woman) and the kyuroku. The Kyuroku wear a hyottoko (clownish) mask and his antics enhance the mood of the festival.

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