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Yashu Taue Uta (Yashu rice planting song) Yashu Naetori Uta Kakinokizawa Hoshimiya-Jinja Daidai Iwato Kagura    

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In the first part of this program, you can see the Taue-matsuri (rice-planting festival) of May 2007. Taue Uta and Naetori Uta were Shinji Uta(Shinto ritual songs) originally sung to call on the gods, to pay homage to them and as prayer for a good harvest. However, over time people began to sing the songs while labouring in the fields as they worked in groups, to distract themselves from their monotonous work. Following mechanization, these songs could have been lost but following intervention by the local community they were designated as cultural assets in 1966.
In the second part, Daidai Iwato Kagura is shown. It was also designated as a cultural asset in 1966. Shinto priests originally dedicated 36 kinds of kagura dance performances to the shrine based on the Nihon Shoki (the Chronicles of Japan). Later, some of the dance performances were combined or lost. As a result, 15 kinds of kagura remain. The dancers for this kagura are residents of the area and children from the local elementary school. They practice hard under the guidance of the local preservation society twice a week.

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