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The Toda traditional fish catching    

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The longest river running through Saitama prefecture is the Arakawa River, which is 173km in total length. Toda lies in the lower reaches of the river. This area has been also known as a brackish-water region where seawater and fresh water mix, depending on the ebb and flow of the tide, which makes the area especially suitable for fishing. People used to benefit richly from the river. Efforts to improve local infrastructure made people feel safe and secure but the improvements adversely affected fishing and the local fishing industry. As a result, the industry came to an end in this area the Showa 30s (1955-1964).
More recently, people belonging to the Shimoarakawamutsumi Kai have been trying to renew interest in fishing and preserve the knowledge and skills related to fish breeding, fisheries management and traditional fishing methods. In this program, some traditional fishing methods are introduced such as toami, sashiami, saganawa, okibari, unagikaki, and tateboshi.

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