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The Kashoze Dondo-yaki    

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Dondo-yaki is traditional to Kashoze district, Toyota, Aichi, and is celebrated on every Toshitori no Hi (Toshitori Day) during the lunar New Year. This celebration is called Dondo-yaki or Sagicho. The origin of the Dondo-yaki is uncertain, but it is said that it was originally one of the court events in the Heian Period and later it became a popular event in the Edo Period.
Dondo-yaki is an annual festival where new year decorations are gathered and burned to send Toshigami (a god of lucky directions) up in the air in hope of good health. There used to be some other areas where Dondo-yaki was held, but now Kashoze is the only district to celebrate this festival. In this program, some interesting new year events and customs are introduced, including the origins of kadomatsu, the practice of attaching decorative pine cuttings to an entrance during the new year period.

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