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Omogishi no Mi Tsukuri (The Omogishi Mi Production)    

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Mi is an agricultural tool which winnows the chaff from the grain of millet, adzuki bean and other crops. Its structure is quite simple, but it is very effective. It is said that Omogishi in Ichinohe town was originally formed by the warlords and their subordinates who were defeated in the Kunohe Rebellion about 400 years ago. Thus Mi have long been produced in this village. It is said that all houses in the village were producing them by the end of the Edo Period. They were sold all around the Tohoku region including Akita, Shimokita, and Kuji.
Mi are mostly made from sarunashi, a climbing plant, but nemagari dake, a kind of bamboo plant, sakura no kawa, the bark of cherry trees, and yanagi no kawa, the bark of willow are also used. Yonez Okamoto, one of the few who continue to produce Mi, won a prize from the Japanese Folk Crafts Museum for his hand-crafted work using only natural materials.

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