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Minami-Kyushu City , Kagoshima
(Ei Town)
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Aoto Boh Odori (Aoto Long Stick Dancing)    

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On December 1st, 2007, Ei Town, Chiran Town, and Kawanabe Town merged and formed Minami-Kyushu City. In this area, there are old ruins such as a castle ruin constructed between the 15th and 16th century, and several traditional folk entertainments have been handed down.
Aoto Boh Odori is a folk dancing with a long stick and has been passed down in Aoto area. At first, a dancing called "Tonkaraka dance" is performed. Second, "Kama Odori" (sickle dance) is performed. Third, "Naka-Rokushaku Odori (2-meter-at-middle stick dancing),"and then, "Naginata Odori (japanese halberd dancing)"are performed in order.
In Nagasaki area, the custom of "Gokudaimaju(gokudai festival)" has been inherited and preserved as one of the events in the full moon nights. A variety of flowers and plants including Sawgrass, akebia, or snake gourd are collected in mountain sides, made into decoration, and children wear them on the head to parade in the area. As for one of the other events to present, for a tug of war which is joined by all local citizens, the rope is made of vine with Sawgrass picked from the mountains and wound around it.

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