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Shizuku Yoshare-A Local Tradition    

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About 420 years ago, the Shiba clan, who ruled over Shizukuishi, developed irrigation channels underground and ordered a beautiful female shop owner to keep watch over them so that they would not be discovered. When the Nanbu clan, who were aiming to take over Shiba's base castle, used a spy to find the channels, the spy tried to lure her into disclosing the information about them. However, she saw through it and the spy ran away. This story is said to be the origin of Shizuku Yoshare. It used to be a kind of party songs people would dance to over drinks. In the early Meiji Era (1869-1912), MURAKAMI Matsutaro, whom people would call by his trade name "Fushin-ba," is said to have arranged the songs and dance to make them more prestigious. Shizuku Yoshare is an essential dance in cerebrations even now. In 1926, on the other hand, SHIMOTANAKA Isami arranged the dance, formed a dance company, and popularized it widely, which is thought to be the beginning of Nanbu Yoshare. As folk songs and dances became more and more popular, Nanbu Yoshare started to be accepted by a lot of organizations and spread nationwide. This video contains the recordings 3 local preservation societies and covers the performers not only in Shizukuishi Yoshare Festival, held every year on August 15 in the shopping area, but also in the National Nanbu Yoshare Competition, which will present you Shizukuishi Yoshare from different angles.

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