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Bamboo Work of Torigoe    

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Bamboo work has continued to be produced for ages in Torigoe area, Ichinohe Town. It's said to date back to the Heian Period (794-1192). According to a legend, when Saint Jikaku Daishi was staying in Torigoe, he received a message from the Deity of Mercy to promote the bamboo work production among the village people there, which he did. As for actual records, descriptions in several documents such as "Goryobun Bussan Torishirabegaki (meaning 'record of goods in the territory')," compiled by the Morioka feudal clan in the Edo Period (1603-1868), or "Honai Gosonshi (meaning 'history of villages in the province')," compiled by the said clan in the late 18th century and stating, "Bamboo baskets in Torigoec" are thought to be concrete proof that bamboo work production was conducted in this area around that time. Local bamboos in this area are used for the production and various making methods have been devised. The video presents the process from collection of bamboos to processing thereof, a variety of the making methods, and their beautiful netlike appearance. In 1986, there were about 130 makers, but as of 2008, the number was reduced to as small as 55.

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