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Traditional Culture in Kahoku Town    

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Long ago, safflower cultivation was popular in this region. The safflowers were transported by the water route of the Mogami River, running nearby, to the Kansai Region, and hina dolls were brought here in return. Every year on April 2nd and 3rd, "Hina matsuri (Doll Festival)" is held, the street stalls called "Hina-ichi (Hina market)" line up, long-inherited hina dolls are displayed in old families' houses, and this area gets crowded to a great extent. In Ryosho area, "Ryosho Rice Planting Dance" has been handed down, in which performers dance in "Yajuro style," wearing masks with humorous expression, while "Oshikiri Rice Planting Dance" has been inherited in Oshikiri area, in which performers dance in "Tede-bo style," tapping the ground with a stick. In the Mizonobehachiman Shrine in Mizonobehachiman area, "Yamato-gaku (Japanese music)" has been passed down, in which "Gakujin (musicians)" play "Gagaku (Japanese court music)." In Sawabata area, on August 31st, the 210th day after the first day of spring, when the typhoon season is at its peak, "Sawabata Kazamatsuri Taiko (Sawabata Wind and Drum Festival)" is held, in which "Kami-Sawabata Youth Society" and "Shimo-Sawabata Youth Society" compete with each other in drumming. In Iwaki area, "Iwaki Honen Taiko (Iwaki Good Harvest Drumming)" is conducted in order to pray for rain and good rice harvest. Every fall in September, "Yachi Donga Matsuri (Yachi Donga Festival)" takes place for 3 days. To the Yachi Hachimangu Shrine, they dedicate "Hayashi-ke Bugaku (Hayashi family dance and music)," dating back to more than 1,100 years and known as one the 4 major pieces of court dance and music in Japan. "Yachi-yakko" is unique and traditional movement of performers who lead the potable shrine procession in parade. Their gallant performances called "Furi (movement)" and "Kake-uta (song chasing)" are quite unique. In addition, 9 floats called "Hayashi Yatai (music stalls)" parade around the town and liven up the festival a great deal.

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