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"Hibuse" in Odanoguchi Area: In winter, the event "Hibuse" is conducted to protect the region from fire disasters. Talismans of the Yoshida Hachiman Shrine are collected in allotted street corners, decorated with straw bundles representing "hibataki (fire extinguishing "dusters")" and "sandawara (straw lid of rice containers symbolizing firemen's standards)," and worshipped by the participants.

Oeshiki of Myoren-ji Temple in Hiyama Area: The Kiso-zan Myoren-ji Temple is said to have been established in 1300. "Oeshiki" is the memorial service held for Saint Nichiren, the founder of the (Nichiren) sect of Buddhism, on his death anniversaries. The pillars inside the temple are decorated with 4 colors of rice cakes and vegetables, and the memorial service is conducted.

"Godachi" in Irihongo Area: As the traditional rite of passage from infancy to boyhood, male children carry stones and worship at Mt. Reizan.

"Nenbutsu-ko" in Noguchitate Area: Nowadays, people gather in a local assembly house and hold this gathering twice every year, in a traditional manner of chanting the prayer while counting their big prayer beads.

Kuto Festival of Junisho Shrine: For the Junisho Shrine in Odano Area, the festivals have been organized by the 9 households called "kuto." Their style is largely influenced still now by "miyaza (parish guild)".

"Rokuji-sama" in Ogawa and Miwa Areas: "Rokuji" means the 6 kanji characters meaning "Namu Amida Buddha" . Since the late Edo Period, people have passed down this bon event.

Small Festival of Nishikanasa Shrine-Activity in Morozawa Area: In the grand festival held once every 72 years, people form a procession and spend 7 days on accompanying the deity to Mizukihama area in Hitachi City. In the small festival held every 6 years, the procession takes 4 days and its destination is Baba Town in Hitachiota City. This video shows how people in Morosawa area, Hitachiomiya City, one of the 4 parishioner communities supporting these festivals, are engaged in the small festival.

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