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Bamboo Work Craftsman in Ageo    

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There was a bamboo work shop in Midorigaoka, Ageo City. The bamboo work production of the shop owner, Mr. Yasugoro KAMOTA, was registered as an intangible folklore cultural asset of Ageo City on March 1st, 2007. The record in the document "Minamimura Sashidashi-cho (meaning 'statement of delivery of Minami-mura village)'," compiled in 1716, shows that the basket production started at least in the middle of the Edo Period (1603-1968).
Bamboo work was a daily essential and its production sites were close to points of consumption. In those days, bamboo work was produced not by professionals but by farmers as their side job, as needed.
At one time, as its demand expanded, some people started to make them as professionals. Due to the decrease in the demand, however, the number of the professionals declined, only to find Mr. Kamota as the only professional. The video shows the interesting production process of "small baskets," "sieves (baskets to weed grass)," and "rakes."
In February 2012, when Mr. KAMOTA passed away, the bamboo work production in Kamihira was deleted from the registration list.

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