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The Hotokemai of Itosaki - A Bridge between the Past and Present    

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The Hotokemai (a dance with Buddhist deity masks) of Itosaki is a valuable traditional art which conveys the court music and dancing of the Nara period (710-794), as it was brought from the Continent, and is performed on April 18 every other year at Itosaki Temple in Itosaki-cho, Fukui City. Although the hotokemai has been inherited by seven temples in such places as Maizuru and Oki, Itosakis one is said to have kept the essence of the dance most truly. This film, in addition to tracing the roots of this hotokemai from over the sea, depicts the nature and the people of Itosaki who have preserved the dance that expresses the joy of bodhisattvas and tennyo, celestial maidens.

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