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Traditional Events "Kizuna (Bond)" in Kahoku City    

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"HORAHOAI Parade of Shirao": This event is held as part of the eve of the festival of the Shiraosumiyoshi Shrine and dates back to the Taisho Era , when local fishery operators started to travel all the way to Hokkaido for operation. People carry 40 flag poles and parade in town. "Yakko Parade of Uchihisumi and Osaki": The Yakko Parade of Uchihisumi area is a brave procession featuring unique movements of performers, mainly using "hasami-bako (fabric-covered box)" and held as part of the eve of the autumn festival of the Hachiman Shrine. In the other version in Osaki, the procession is conducted as part of the annual autumn festival of the Sakakibara Shrine and the 16 performers mainly use hasami-bako, keyari (spear), and naginata (halberd-like weapon). The main feature is the "Kanko-sai (Return Festival)," taking place while the portable shrine returns to the shrine at night.
"Yassan Dance of Takamatsu": This is a dance performed in this area during the annual autumn festival of the Nuka Shrine. Although its origin is not clear, the name comes from the call "YASSAN!" which is uttered in the dance song "Kadode Yashima."
"Mushi-okuri of Uchihisumi, Sashie, and Karugano": The event "Mushi-okuri (pest control ritual)" is said to date back to olden days when people used to exterminate harmful insects for rice harvest by luring them into the burning fire. Each of the regions here conducts "Mushi-okuri" as an annual summer event in their own unique manner.
"Fireworks of Nakanuma": In Nakanuma area, the fireworks exhibition is organized and conducted by "Kyofu-kai," a local association, from fund raising to the actual exhibition. In the annual autumn festival of the Yawata Shrine, they exhibit 1,300 fireworks.
"Popping Fireworks of Kizu": The popping fireworks inherited in the Shinmei Shrine of Kizu area are performed together with the portable shrine and the lion dance during the annual autumn festival . The fireworks are produced by the Kizu Fireworks Preserving Society.

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