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Hikiri in Tsubosaki    

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Tsubosaki area is situated deep in the mountains in Toyota City. More than 100 people used to live here, but now there remain only 12 residents of 6 households. As a ritual of Tsushima Shrine, the residents have handed down a traditional event called "Hikiri." "Hikiri" means generation of fire by use of friction heat made by rubbing "hikiri kine (a beetle)" on "hikiri usu (a mortar)." The friction heat is transferred to dried plant fibers called "hokuchi," and then, to "tsukegi (wood functioning as a match)," in order to set fire on the torch made of red pine. On the sideline, this holy fire is used to cook "azuki meshi (rice with red beans)" prepared in the fireside, which people eat in order to pray for good health for the year. "Hikiri" of this kind is still conducted in the Ise Shrine and the Izumo Grand Shrine. However, it's very rare in this region. It was designated as an intangible folklore cultural asset of Aichi Prefecture in 1959.

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