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Tradition Compendium of Oyodo Town    

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This compendium contains and presents almost all of the numerous traditional events, such as festivals and customs, inherited in Oyodo Town. As there are too many to explain about completely, the names of the events and areas are listed below:

Dondo: in Oiwa
Bishamon (Vaisravana) Festival: in Kusurimizu
Yanagi no Watashi Festival: in Kitamuda
Gongen Festival: in Imaki
Grand Memorial Service in Tribute to Prince Shotoku: in Kamihiso
Sweetfish Mass: in Shimobuchi
Suijin Festival (God of Water Festival): in Shimobuchi
Omizutori (Water Drawing Festival): in Yoshinogawa (Tsuchida)
Ushitaki Festival: in Basa
Ju-ni-furi Festival: in Higaimoto
Autumn Festival of Imakikabuto Shrine: in the Imakikabuto Shrine
Child Sumo Wrestling: in the Iwatsubo-Kuzukami Shrine
Okariya-tate (Construction of Temporary House): in Sanate
Inoko: in Kamihiso
Kanjo-nawa (Holy Protection Rope): in Hataya
Child Higaimoto Theater: in Higaimoto Sarugaku Theater
Treasures of Seson-ji Temple-Picture Scroll on History of Genko-ji Temple: at the Seson-ji Temple in Kamihiso

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