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Lion Dance of Soni in Soni Village,-Inherited Hearts and Skills-    

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Soni Village is located in the northeastern part of Nara Prefecture on the border with Mie Prefecture. This area is situated along the Ise-kaido Road, which was extremely lively with travelers "visiting the Ise Shrine" back in those days. The lion dance of Soni Village is said to have been brought here by local citizens who learned it in the Ise Province (current Kuwana City in Mie Prefecture). Sone Village is composed of 3 regions, each of which inherits unique lion dance performance.

Shishi-odori (by Nagano Dedicatory Dance Society): This version of the lion dance started to be performed the earliest. It features not only the lion characters but also other characters including "Tingu (long-nosed goblin)," "Okame (plain woman)" or "Hyottoko (man with funny facial expression)."

San-kagura (by Imai Dedicatory Dance Society): It's considerably worth watching the slow, graceful, sophisticated, and elegant dancing.

Tsugi-jishi (by Igami Dedicatory Dance Society): The adult dancers assume the role called "dai (platform)" and carry the child dancers on their shoulders in dancing. That's why this dance is called "Tsugi-jishi (connected lion)" It has some acrobatic features.

The stage is set in the Kadofusa Shrine. After each society finishes its performance, all the three societies perform the dance program "Aramai" together, before the event is over.

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