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Re-enacted Giant Kiln of Bizen-yaki    

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As for this video, you are recommended to watch and compare it with the video titled "Test of Setting and Firing Pottery in 53-Meter-High Giant Kiln (as tentatively translated)" in the series of "Re-enacted Giant Kiln of Bizen-yaki (as tentatively translated)," which we posted on this webpage in 2011.
This video starts out with the fuel production and moves on to the final stage in construction of the giant kiln. Soil is brought into the kiln to create the "kiln floor." Since the kiln is made on the sloping ground, the upper part of the floor is made in a staircase pattern. Next comes the production of "kedo (chimney part)." In order to get subtle 3-dimensional curve lines, the bamboo framework is constructed at first, and bricks are piled up in line with it. Then, the ejecting section is constructed and the giant kiln has been finally completed. On the day of celebration, they conduct the "shinto ritual of karataki (firing without the products inside) and hi-ire (initial firing)" and the fire is opened in the kiln. The kiln is fired for about 3 weeks and the temperature inside manages to reach 1,200 .

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