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Ogita Furyu    

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In Tabira Town, Hirado City, which is situated in the western edge of the Kyushu Island, Ogita Furyu has been passed down, and dedicated to the Mihashira Shrine once every 3 years. The Mihashira Shrine is said to have been established since as early as 1780. And Ogita Furyu (furyu: a kind of performance conducted in a shrine ritual for the purpose of harvest thanksgiving) is said to have been brought here in around 1850 by local people who travelled to the areas where it was popular and learned it. In the years when the performance is dedicated, they start the practice called "kaneokoshi" in June, conduct "gantate (offering of a prayer to the shrine and hoping for a good harvest as well)", and greet the day of "Ogan-joju (desire attained)" in October to dedicate the performance. Upon dedication, bojutsu (stick fighting) is performed and the results of the performers' daily exercise are demonstrated. After that, a rare event called "naorai" takes place in the balcony within the shrine, in which each household welcomes and entertains the guests (outdoors). In addition, this video contains detailed explanations about the sections of "narimono (noisemaker)" and "buto (dance)."

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