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Send-Off of Gods in Habu    

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Hobu Town is where Kumano Shrine is located. Several events are held throughout a year, including “the Send-Off of Gods in Habu.” There are two possible legends about its origin. According to one of them, people started praying for safety of the god enshrined in the shrine, when he travelled to Tsushima Shrine in Owari Province (current western Aichi Prefecture). According to the other, dolls are made of barley straws in order to take over bad luck or sicknesses and be sent outside the village.
At present, it’s part of the Gion Festival held on July 24th. On October 6th, Kumano Shrine’s autumn festival is conducted to show gratitude for the harvest and untroubled life of the past year and to pray for the safety during the coming year. On December 27th, the events “Oharai (grand purification),” “Joya-sai (eve festival),” and “Otakiage (burning up)” take place, in which people chase away bad luck of the past year, express thankfulness for having had a safe life, and burn up amulets and charms, which marks the end of a year in Habu Town.

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