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Tenno Festival of Iwafuji    

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In Iwafuji Town, Nisshin City, the Tenno Festival is held in the Shinmeisha Shrine on the 4th Sunday of every July and features the only float in the city. Upon demolition of the Iwafuji Auditorium and discovery of inscription on the ridge of the float found then, it turned out that the float was produced in 1891. The float was restored in 1981 by the local voluntary efforts, and registered as a designated tangible folklore cultural asset of the city in 2009 under the name of“Chochin-guruma.”
The musical accompaniments were also revived and left to the children. The preparation starts 2 months before the festival. The Tenno Festival is dedicated to Gozu Tenno (a god said to be the Indian god Gavagriva), and a talisman is provided to this festival by Tsushima Shrine, the grand head shrine of the Tennosha Shrines (the ones dedicated to Gozu Tenno) in Japan. On the day of the festival, the floats start to parade in the area at a little past 7 in the evening. Children’s musical accompaniments are presented on the “kagura stage” of the floats, so that their parents and families can clearly see them. The accompaniments are not performed inside the floats, as they used to be. This parade is characterized by the feature “hikimawashi (spinning around).” At the key sites within the town, the floats go around again and again, which is the “highlight” of this parade.

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