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Reenacted Giant Kiln of Bizen-yaki-Research on Clay for Production of New 5-Koku Giant Pot    

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This is the 3rd video material on the giant kiln of Bizen-yaki to be posted on this webpage. As the 1st material, reenactment of a 53-meter giant kiln was filmed. The 2nd material covered the actual experimental trial of setting and firing pottery performed in the 53-meter kiln. This material is the record of the research on the clay used to produce the giant pot in the huge kiln. In order to make large pots without causing cracks or splits, the clay must be less likely to “shrink by dryness or heat.” Therefore, clays of various regions were examined to be mixed with that of Bizen region for the production. And finally, the clays of Tajimi and Shigaraki regions were chosen. By utilization of these clays, “the giant 1-koku (about-180-litter) pot” and “the giant 5-koku (about-900-litter) pot” were created, and dried for 5 months by the method the least likely to cause shrinkage, for the firing test to be conducted.

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