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Hokuto City , Yamanashi
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The Tsutsukayu Augury of Nagasaka-cho - A Traditional Event of Homisuwa Jugosho Shrine    

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This event was started when Takeda Nobutora (1494-1574) ordered Sengen Shrine in Fuji, and Kanazakura Shrine and Homi Shrine in Jigoku, to perform auguries using tsutsukayu (gruel in a tube) for the years harvest. Reeds are cut into lengths of about 15cm and woven into a blind and rolled up. Each reed is given an assignment to forecast various conditions, including products (cereals, vegetables, silk worms, etc.), natural conditions (disasters, water, wind, rain, frost, snow, etc.) and business climate, and so on. The gruel is cooked using five go of rice and three sho of water. The reeds are immersed in the gruel and cooked, adding two more sho of water. The reeds are cut open in the presence of the Shrine authority and the fortunes told by counting the number of rice grains that have turned soft.

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