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Lion Dancing of Ohira (Designated Intangible Folklore Cultural Asset of City) Hachiman Lion Drumming (Designated Intangible Folklore Cultural Asset of City) Kawasaki Lion Drumming (Designated Intangible Folklore Cultural Asset of City) Kawaguchi Lion Drumming    

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Lion Dancing of Ohira is said to have been initiated and handed down by MIYOSHI Bizen-no-kami, a lord of the Ajiro Castle around 1577 and passed down in Ohira area, Mino Town, Miyoshi City, to this present day. 2 dancers perform 1 lion character. This dance is dedicated within the precinct of shrines or the like between September and October every year.
Hachiman Lion Drumming has been inherited in Machiman Shrine of Shigesue area in Nishiiyayama Villageof Miyoshi City, a place known for its Iya Vine Bridge (a designated important tangible folklore cultural asset of Japan). It’s said to date back to around 1742, when a shrine carpenter performed a dance upon construction of a shrine dedicated to Emperor Antoku. 2 lion characters dance and perform simultaneously. It’s dedicated on October 1st every year.
Kawasaki Lion Drumming is a traditional performing art inherited in Sansho Shrine of Kawasaki area, Ikeda Town, Miyoshi City. It’s said to have been started and handed down by a worker of a local sake brewery, known as a drumming master, in around 1916. 1 lion character is performed by 2 performers, and the performance is dedicated on October 19th.
Kawaguchi Lion Drumming has an unclear origin, although it’s said to be related to Kawasaki Lion Drumming. 2 lion characters perform in dialogue with dancers. It’s dedicated mainly in shrines within Kawaguchi and Okawamochi areas in Yamashiro Town, Miyoshi City, on October 18th every year.

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