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Rice Porridge Divination of Tagomori Suwa Shrine Yamakita-Okunchi-Keyari of Kamo Shrine (Designated Intangible Folklore Cultural Asset of City) Yoshii Gion Bayahshi of Susano Shrine Designated Intangible Folklore Cultural Asset of City) Wakamiya-Okunchi-Keyari of Wakamiya Hachimangu Shrine (Designated Intangible Folklore Cultural Asset of City) Igniting Ritual of Miharu Tenmangu Shrine (Designated Intangible Folklore Cultural Asset of City)    

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“Rice Porridge Divination” of Tagomori Suwa Shrine has been inherited since 1782 to the present day. On January 15th every year, 3-go-3-shaku (about 600 milliliters) of rice porridge is cooked and dedicated to the shrine, before being taken back on March 30th. Then the condition of the mold on the porridge is checked in order to divine the harvest’s yield. The pictures of the porridge mentioned here and the container for the porridge are designated as a tangible folklore cultural asset of the prefecture.
“Yamakita Okunchi (grand festival),” held on April 11th every year, features a parade shuttling between Kamo Shrine and Kumanoue-sho Hachimangu Shrine and accompanied by “Furi-keyari (spear-like ornament bearers)” and “Kodomo-gaku (children’s musical parade),” both designated as intangible folklore cultural assets of the city.
Yoshii Gion Bayashi is musical accompaniments presented during the Yoshii Gion Festival, held on July 21st and 22nd every year and designated as an intangible folklore cultural asset of the city. It’s said to have been derived from the Gion Bayashi in Hita, a former demesne of Tokugawa Shogunate. The relevant townspeople are divided into 2 pairs of groups, and the pairs take turns annually to make yamakasa (floats like a portable shrine) and give musical performance on them.
“Wakamiya-Okunchi-Keyari” is a parade of the keyari (spear-like ornament) bearers to accompany gods on the tour between Wakamiya Hachimangu Shrine and Takahashi Shrine. It features bearers’ shouts and unique movements.
“The igniting ritual” of Miharu Tenmangu Shrine is held on December 7th every year during the grand festival. The pestle put straight on a mortar is bound with a rope, which two persons pull toward the opposite directions and rotate, in order to build a fire called “Saibi,” which is used as the heat for food offered to gods, and so on.

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