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Kakure-Kirishitan Orasho    

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Christianity is said to have been brought to the Goto Islands by a missionary, Lu?s de Almeida, and his interpreter, Lorenzo RYOSAI in 1566. Thereafter, TOYOTOMI Hideyoshi’s decree of purging Christian missionaries in 1587 started the history of Kakure-Kirishitan (secret Christians). In Yokose Area in Wakamatsu Island, Shinkamigoto Town, there still remains an organization of Kakure-Kirishitan. At the kind discretion of Mr. Morie OURA, who assumes its top post of “Ocho-yaku,” the ceremony of “Kakure-Kirishitan’s Christmas” was specially opened to the public. This is a rare record of the ceremony. On Christmas Day, the Ocho-yaku makes an offering and chants Orasho (prayer) alone during “Hiru-no-Za (afternoon session)” and the believers begin to gather at around midnight. This part is still closed to the public.

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