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Annual Events of Kudakajima Island Ⅱ    

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Located east of Okinawa’s main island, Kudakajima Island is called “the Island of Gods.” It’s known as the place which marked the descent of Amamikiyo, the ancestral god of the Ryukyuans (residents in Okinawa), and lots of mythical legends have been inherited here. Early in the morning on lunar New Year’s Day, Kaminchu (shrine servants, believed to be descendants of King Seii of Ryukyu Dynasty) dedicate sacred sake and offerings to ancestral souls and make a prayer.

Upunushiganashi : An event of prayer to Nirahara, the supreme god of Okinawa for maritime safety and seamen’s health.

Hitachi : a festival of prayer to Soruiganashi, the god ruling over the Sea Gods’ Palace, for good catches.

Sangajina (a rope of March): An event in which the men of Kudakajima Island get together on lunar March 3rd in order to celebrate the boys who launch a career as a fisherman.

Hamashigu: A festival to “get rid of insects” conducted by people gathering in Yuranbama (a beach) in the evening.

Hanzanashi (a collective name of deities,“Nirahara”): A festival in which gods descend on and purify the island, and bring peace to the islanders.

Sojimatti: A festival to pray for good harvest, held around the period when wheat and foxtail millet start to shoot.

This video also covers other events, including “Shichigachijina (a rope of July),” “Hatiguati,” “Yokabi,” “Tidagami,” “Hanzanashi,” “Amidoushi,” “Fubawaku,” and “Upunushiganashi.”

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