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JuguYa-china to Be Revived - in Tomori Area, Yaese Town, Okinawa Prefecture -    

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In Tomori Area, Yaese Town, rice cultivation has been in practice for a long time. Once upon a year, when a devastating drought occurred in this region, the residents followed the town seniors’ advice and made a huge dragon-like rope for a tug of war, which ended up in a much awaited arrival of rain. In order to commemorate this event, the people started to conduct a tug of war, using a rope to resemble a dragon, on lunar August 15th. This tradition is called “JuguYa-china (rope of the 15th night).”
On the day of the festival, after the prayer for the gods is over, a variety of parades or dances are presented in the square, such as “Tojin-junei (foreigners’ junei),” which is designated as an intangible cultural asset of the town. In Tomori area, every participant is required to divide into the 2 groups of “Fu-e (the south)” and “Nishi (the north)” and compete with each other by the tradition. The side of Fu-e makes “uh-nna (male rope)” and that of Nishi makes “mih-nna (female rope).” The ends of both the ropes are made into rings, and the ropes are connected at the two rings by “kanichi (a bar),” before the tug of war kicks off. The competition is a 2-round match, with sides changed once, and held to pray for huge harvest.

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