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Iida City , Nagano
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Traditional Performing Arts of Shinshu Kami-mura: The Nakago Shishimai, Goiwai-bo, Koto no Kamiokuri, Seicho Ejima, and Simoguri no Kakeodori    

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[Nakago Shishimai (a lion dance of Nakago)] It has been said that local people dedicated the daikagura-mai dance of the lion, the king of all beasts, in order to pray for a years safety from pestilence, hunger and other disasters.[Goiwai-bo (blessing stick)] This is an event to pray for a large family, in which children visit couples married within the year with a stick which symbolizes maleness. [Koto no Kamiokuri] This is only performed in the Kan-machi area now and is an event to purify and drive away evil spirits from the area.[Seicho Ejima] This is a song and dance commemorating the Ejima Incident which happened in the Edo period (1603-1867). Kan-machi was once prosperous as a post station, Kan-machi-juku, on the Akiba Highway. This song has been inherited in this area as a bon dance song.[Shimoguri no Kakeodori] This is a bon event where people visit the ubusuna-sama (a local deity), and Shinto and Buddhist deities, it is said to have been brought to the area in the early Edo period. Some, however, interpret it as a rain dance.

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