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Oshu City , Iwate
(Esashi City)
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The Shishi-odori of Esashi. Esashi City, Iwate Prefecture. A record of Shishi-odori    

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The Shishi-odori (a beast dance) passed down in Iwate Prefecture can be roughly divided into two types: the Maku-odori (apron dance) and the Taiko-odori (drum dance). Esashis Shishi-odori is in the tradition of the Taiko-odori. Wearing long ornaments called Sasara, the dancers of the Taiko-odori-type Shishi-odori dance valiantly to a chant-like song that they themselves sing while beating a roped drum dynamically. It is sometimes called the Yatsu-shishi-odori (eight beasts dance) because they form a group of eight and dance. This Yatsu-shishi-odori can be roughly divided into three schools, namely the Gyozan school, Kanatsu school, and Kasuga school. The oldest of these is the Gyozan school, and the others are said to be breakaway factions. There are 15 Shishi-odori groups at present in Esashi City, which are roughly divided into Gyozan and Kanatsu schools.

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