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The Daimyo Procession of the Shimada Obi Matsuri Festival    

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This film records the Shizuoka Prefectures Intangible Folk Cultural Property, "Daimyo Gyoretsu (feudal lords procession) of the Shimada Obi Matsuri (Shimada belt festival)," performed during the Shimada Taisai festival held in the period around October 11, 1998. The content of the film is arranged in such a way that viewers can grasp the outline of the festival, starting with background information, such as the history of Shimada-juku as a station post and the Obi Matsuri festival, preparation for the festival, introduction of the processions, and scenes of the main festival and the Honjin-iri ceremony. The 300 year-old Daimyo Gyoretsu of the Shimada Taisai (Obi Matsuri) imitates the procession of a grand jumangoku (one hundred thousand koku, units of rice) daimyo, and a total of 250 marchers stretch over 500 meters. In particular, the presence of the oyakko, who walks gracefully, carrying an obi for safe delivery of babies on the tip of a wooden sword, is unique to Shimada. The Shimada Taisai is held in the middle of October once every three years, in the years of the tiger, snake, monkey, and wild boar. Please come and see us!

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