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Traditional Performing Arts of Seki-cho - Sekis Yama Floats (from Oura, Sanban-cho, Yonban-cho, and Kizaki areas)    

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Sekis yama (floats) is a festival that has been handed down in Seki-juku, the station post of the Tokaido Highway, since the Genroku era (1688-1704). In the latter part of the Edo period (1603-1867), there were as many as 16 yama and they competed as to which was the most glamorous, being adorned lavishly with yokomaku, miokurimaku, and lanterns. The special feature of Sekis yama is that the frame above the wheeled platform can turn, so that the yama can turn its top sharply at street junctions when it parades through the town. It has been said that the origin of the phrase "seki no yama," meaning "up to the limit," derives from the description of the yama parading along the narrow streets of Seki. Presently, four yama (from Kizaki-cho, Oura (Kitaura)-cho, Nakamachi Sanban-cho, and Nakamachi Yonban-cho) are preserved and are used to adorn the summer festival of Seki Shrine on the last weekend of July every year.

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