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Omori Shrine: A Shrine of Doburoku Sake - The Doburoku Matsuri Festival Passed down in Ikusei-cho, Kumano City    

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Omori Shrine where the Doburoku Matsuri (unrefined sake festival) takes place is in a quiet town, located about 40 minutes drive from the urban zone of Kumano City. It is said that the origin of the Doburoku Matsuri festival of Omori Shrine goes back to 1213. Every year, the preparations for the festival begin with growing the rice plant for the doburoku. Then, a toya (facilitator) is selected and the preparations for the festival begin in full swing, including cleaning the Shrine and pounding mochi (rice cakes). On November 23, the purifying ritual for the toya, in which he bathes in a waterfall basin, takes place solemnly. The following day, the annual festival of Omori Shrine (aka Doburoku Matsuri) is held. At around 9:30 in the morning, the toya heads for the Shrine. At around ten oclock, a Shinto ritual is started and upon its completion, doburoku is offered to the congregation. That is the time when a quiet mountain village momentarily turns into a boisterous venue where people get together.

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