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The Efforts of People to Preserve the Shushoe - The Shogatsudos Shushoe    

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Kanbodaiji Temple is situated in Shimagahara in Iga City, in the north-west region of Mie Prefecture. The shushoe of the Shogatsudo in Kanbodaiji Temple has been supported and nurtured by the people in Shimagahara since the Tenpyo era (710-784). The shushoe has been designated Mie Prefectures Intangible Cultural Property and is performed in February every year with enthusiasm. It is a unique event in that it has both a folk event, the daihyoeshiki, and a solemn ritual, represented by the Dattan. The festival is dedicated in order to pray for a good harvest and to expel evil spirits, and is fondly known as "sekinoto" by local people in Shimagahara. At its climax, the toya (the facilitator in charge) and his procession enter the Shogatsudo with vigorous calls of "eto, eto" and dedicate offerings, including daihyo (big rice cakes) and sekkumori (an assortment of crops). In the Dattan Gyoho, religious austerities, a "katen to suiten no mai" (dance of fire and water gods) is dedicated. Various gyoho (ritual styles), which remind us of the history of their introduction from the Continent in olden times, never ceases to charm the spectators.

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