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A Story of Koto    

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Due to rapid changes in lifestyle and social structure, traditional events and customs which represent the local characteristics of the area have been discontinued and simplified, making it difficult to know the former way of life in rural areas. This film has been compiled with the aim of helping viewers to understand a year in the rural life as well as the areas history and culture through the depiction of traditional events held in the former Koto-machi area in Higashi-Omi City. The film has been newly edited under the title of "A Story of Koto" and includes the following 19 episodes: Yakuyoge Grand festival (area: Ikesho), Making of Kanjonawa for Shinmei Shrine (Minami-Shuzu), Hatsui (Hirayanagi), Setsubun, Hatsuuma (Hirayanagi), Harumatsuri Spring Festival (Kitahanazawa, Hiramatsu), The Grand Festival of Kasuga Shrine (Nakagishimoto), The Grand Festival of Kasuga Shrine (Koyagi), Shinmei Festival (Minami-Shuzu), The Annual Spring Festival of Hachiman Shrine (Kotakari), The Grand Festival of Oshitate Shrine - Doke Odori, Honozumo sumo (Ikesho), Yama no Kami (Shuzu-Naka), Yama no Kami Annual Festival (Oshuzu), The Annual Festival of Yamagami Shrine (Yuya), The Shimotsuki-sai Festival of Kasuga Shrine (Koyagi), Osamura Imoji and the Technique of Crafting a Temple Bell, A Masterful Tradition - Shrine Carpenters of Imazaike, and An Invitation to the Museum of History and Folklore Culture.

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