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The Shishimai of Nagi Hachiman Shrine    

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At the annual festival on October 20, which has been carried out for hundreds of years, parishioners from one of 16 residential associations are assigned to be in charge for the year and dedicate the traditional Shinji Shishimai (Shinto ritual lion dance) gaily with all the members of the association. The shishimai has two lion performers both clad in lion headgear and waistcoats called yutan. They dance, acting out various movements, with children who carry hanagasa hats and aya, to the accompaniment of flutes, drums, and beat clappers. The movements are diverse, from pretty and graceful, airy and valiant, to humorous and acrobatic. Particularly, the dance known as "Nagis Tsugijishi dance" is famous for its acrobatic movement, where both the lion and the child stand up on the shoulders of other people and perform acrobatic movements. The shishimai dances of Nagi Hachiman Shrine have been recognized for their value and have been designated Intangible Folk Cultural Properties by Hyogo Prefecture.

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