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The Sanbaso Dance of Enami    

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The Sanbaso dance is performed on the day of the festival of Enami Shrine on October 22 (recently changed to the third Sunday in October) every year on a rotating stage in the shrine precincts. In the past, kabuki had been performed all through the night and the sanbaso was the opening act designed to celebrate the occasion as well as to pray for such things as cures for illness and the safe delivery of babies. The kabuki was discontinued after the last one was performed in 1962. The Sanbaso, however, has been performed as a dance for dedication till the present day without a single years interruption for more than 200 years. This dance is based on nohs Shikisanbaso and the god disguised as okina (an old man) celebrates the peace of the realm and a good harvest. There are many auspicious words contained in the kojo (speech) and this sanbaso is esteemed as a stately dance.

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