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Horan-enya Festival    

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The Shikinen Shinkosai festival of Jozan Inari Shrine is fondly known to local people as "Horan-enya." The origin of the festival goes back to an episode concerning the first feudal lord for Matsue Domain, Matsudaira Naomasa. The legend goes that, 10 years after Lord Matsudaira came to Izumo Province, a serious famine threatened the land and he had the omitama (spirits of deity) of Jozan Inari Shrine taken to Adakaya Shrine and prayed for a good harvest. Horan-enya is also called one of the three biggest Shinto rituals involving ships. Led by the Kaidenmasen ships which sailed from five districts, a procession of various ships, including kagurabune, mikoshibune, and tomobune, spreads over one kilometer and sails through Lake Shinjiko, Ohashigawa Bridge, and Nakaumi. The Kaidenmasen ships on which dancers in kabuki costumes and paddling young men sing and dance are the biggest attraction of this festival. They enchant the spectators by unfolding a historical picture scroll, accentuated by colorful banners and flags.

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