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Okinoshima-cho , Shimane
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Oki Classical Sumo Tournament, Dogo Kumi Kagura, and Ushitsuki Bull Fighting    

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[Oki Classical Sumo Tournament] The origin of Okis classical sumo is said to go back 300 years to when it was first dedicated on the occasion of the shrine reconstruction. Since then, it has been performed on auspicious occasions, such as upon the relocation of shrines, and thus it is also called miyazumo (shrine sumo). Although it was discontinued in the past, people concerned revived it as Oki Classical Sumo in 1972. [Dogo Kumi Kagura] This kagura (Shinto music and dance) has been passed down among people in the Kumi area, mainly led by Ise Mikoto Shrine. It is performed in the kaguraden hall of Ise Mikoto Shrine on July 26 on the occasion of the hon-matsuri festival, and from July 25 till the dawn of the following day on the occasion of the ura-matsuri festival.[Ichiyagatake Ushitsuki Tornament] This Ushitsuki (bull fighting) is said to have a history of 780 years. The legend goes that when the retired Emperor Gotoba was exiled to Oki, the villagers consoled him by showing him this performance. Bulls adorned with gorgeous ceremonial aprons first enter the dohyo ring from the east and the west. People cheer the entering bulls, led by the sakibarai, who purifies the ground by scattering salt.

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