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Shobara City , Hiroshima
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The Daisen Kuyo Taue of Shiohara - A Festival of a Hamlet with Oxen    

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From hundreds of years ago, people in the area around Mt. Hokidaisen, including Hoki, Izumo, Mimasaka, North Bitchu, and North Bingo, have always been fervent believers in the Daisen Chimyo Daigongen (also fondly called Daisen-san), that is a god who protects cattle. In this Tojo area, too, each and every village (in the former jurisdiction) had a Daisensha shrine on a high mountain summit, and boisterous Daisen festivals were held in the spring and fall. Among them, the Daisensha of Mt. Oigatsujiyama (1040m), which covers the Shiohara, Utsubori, and Awata areas, is the tutelary shrine of Tahanzan Ioji Shrine of Shiohara and has been the core of faith in Daisen among people in the surrounding area for its dignity as the direct gomenhaisho of Daisen Shrine in Hoki. The Daisen Kuyo Taue is a large-scale festival which is separately held from the regular annual Daisen festivals in spring and fall. It is held on an as-needed basis by beneficent persons to pray for the cattle which have met untimely deaths and for the safety of presently kept cattle, as well as for a good harvest and the welfare of the family. It consists of five rituals, namely, the taue odori, kuyogyoji, shirokaki, taiko-taue, and ofuda-osame.

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