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The Hitomoshi Matsuri Festival of Desakimori Shrine and the Sairei Shishimai Dance of Kumano Shingu Shrine    

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[Hitomoshi Matsuri] The origin of this ritual is said to be that when Munakata Shrine in Chikuzen granted Desakimori Shrine one of their deities, the villagers welcomed and led the ship with lit torches. This film records the preparation and performance of the Shinto ritual as well as its parade courses.[Sairei Shishimai of Kumano Shingu Shrine] It is said that people in Yakushi-cho had someone in Takeura in Funakoshi-cho teach them this lion dance. It has been the main event in the autumn festival of Kumano Shrine together with the Chosai since the Meiji period (1868-1912). This film records the day of the ritual for peoples reference.

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