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Iwakuni City , Yamaguchi
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A Village Rich in Kagura Dance - The Yamashiro Shiraha Kagura and Yamashiro Kyogen Kagura    

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From olden times, many kagura (Shinto music and dance numbers) have been performed in the Yamashiro district (the northern mountain district located in the eastern part of Yamaguchi Prefecture). They have been popularly termed Yamashiro kagura. In these kagura, the ritualistic tayumai dance is performed first and then followed by kamenmai which has more the character of a public performance. They have been said to be strongly influenced by the Aki school kagura which were derived from Iwami kagura (Izumo-style kagura). However, the origin of Yamashiro kagura is only sketchily known. In this film, the following two kagura were selected out of many Yamashiro Kagura and introduced: Yamashiro Shiraha kagura (an Intangible Cultural Property of Yamaguchi Prefecture) and Kamagahara kagura (an Intangible Folk Cultural Property of Iwakuni City). The film also depicts the history, culture and predominant features of each district which have supported the transmission of these traditional arts.

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