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Kaiyo-cho , Tokushima
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Traditional Performing Arts and Events of Kainan-cho - Kainan-cho, Tokushima Prefecture, where Nature and Culture Echo one another    

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Kainan-chos local authority has endeavored to create this video, first by reviewing our folkloric performance arts and yearly events which have been created by the wisdom of local inhabitants, and then by debating what to leave for the future generations. In this video, we recorded songs, including work songs (Kidashi-uta, Momisuri-uta and Umezukushi), festive songs (Ebisu-mai, Daikoku-mai, and Isebushi), lullabies (Osato no komori-uta and Komori-uta), childrens songs (Junrei kazoe-uta and Ichimon-uta), as well as events for children (Inoko-uta and Mushiokuri gyoji) and yearly events (the bon dance of each district, the Grand Festival of Hachiman Shrine, and the Sagicho). We aim to build on these folkloric performing arts and yearly events which have managed to survive till the present so that we can create further new forms of culture in the years to come.

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